Ground Crew, LLC. | Management Philosophy

First and foremost our management philosophy reinforces our commitment to ethics and excellence.  It is to empower and develop employees not only professionally but to help them excel in their personal lives.  We will do this by demanding honesty, fairness, and professionalism within the work environment to foster a culture that is focused on open communication, acceptance of diversity, and enthusiastic to change initiatives.

To help employees gain a sense of our commitment we will manage by wandering around (“When you get to the position in a company and people won’t tell you bad news – you’ve lost it”), lead by example, and have consistency in our style.  We will manage the details of the day-to-day operation by putting ourselves in the shoes of the customer and ask ourselves if this is what we would want or expect.  We will manage the details by delegating but always following up to make sure the job is being done correctly.  We will stay close and listen (“God gave us two ears and one mouth”) to management and employees to have a sense of honest mistakes or bad habits (“Catch people doing what’s right”).  

We will manage our time by keeping conversations short and to the point (“If you can’t be bright be brief”), making every minute count, and to stop working when we are no longer productive.

Ideas will keep the business alive (“The failure of success, is that too much can cause a failure”), every manager and employee’s ideas will be accepted as valid and acted upon.  We will continually try to know and understand the competitor’s actions and plans and keep certain information confidential as it is an important competitive tool, whether internally or externally.  To achieve this time and money must be spent on research and development.

Believe that everyone can be a success, and they will be, if they are incapable of the job and the company cannot find another job terminate immediately.  Always see the good in employees (“Well intended failure, people want to do good.”) and never forget that work will not be there for them in their personal lives.

We will work hard but pray harder.  Guard our habits to not let bad ones destroy us.  Keep physically fit, mentally, and spiritually strong.  And to continually study and learn to improve ourselves and our organization.

Although time, growth, and a changing workforce may change the dynamics of the workplace we will never stray from these basic principles that will make us successful.


Adam Sartin | President